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Hinterland Alchemy

Flowerbomb XL Crystal

Flowerbomb XL Crystal

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A sensual and sultry floral blend. 
Rose, orchid and jasmine, blended with bergamot, black tea, patchouli and vanilla. 
Earthy, sensual and sophisticated. 


Approximately 70 hours burn time.

Hand decorated with gorgeous Rose Quartz and Amethyst tumble stone crystals. 

All our candles are 100% handmade and decorated with love and healing intentions. 


Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Ensure your candles are out of reach of children and pets.

Extinguish your candle by blowing it out completely, or using a candle snuffer. It is not recommended to replace lids until your candle is fully out.

On first lighting, allow your candle to burn to the edge of the candle jar. This will help to prevent any tunnelling of your wax.

It is important to always trim your candle’s wick after each use to reduce any wick spitting or black soot.

Love and care for your candle and it will provide you with many hours of pleasure.

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